Crimson Red T-Shirt. Fully Combed Cotton. Gilded Roseate Embroidered Pocket with Hmong Tribal Design : Elephant Footprint. Size : 2XL (chest 57 cm. across, body-length 74 cm.)  Universal Size Standard: 44" Chest (XL)
تي شيرت مطرز Hmong: XLTS001

Earth International Arts and Crafts

تي شيرت مطرز Hmong: XLTS001

سعر عادي 735.00 ฿ سعر البيع 545.00 ฿
سعر الوحده  لكل 
شحن محسوبة عند الخروج.

Handmade Hmong Embroidery T-Shirt is made with 100% Fully Combed Cotton. 

The front pocket is hand embroidered with Hmong Tribal designed pattern from Northern Thailand. The pocket is, then, hand-stitched to the t-shirt.

A unique handmade tribal collection of tee - shirts that comes in multiple colors, sizes and designs.

Size: 2XL (chest 57 cm. across, body-length 74 cm.)  Universal Size Standard: 44" Chest (XL)

Color: Crimson Red Body. Yellow & Light Magenta Embroidered Elephant Footprint Pattern.

Gender: Unisex

Material: 100% Cotton

Special instruction: Gently washed under 30 or 86°F. No Bleach. Tumble dry.

(***Sizes may differ between 1-2 cm. from the description. Due to handmade nature of the production, actual embroidery pattern may differ slightly from photos.)

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