Yin Yang Cats Copper Earrings Handmade Jewelry for Sustainability and Integrity

Yin Yang Cats Copper Earrings are a new handmade jewelry collection created by RefugeeStore and the copper artisans from Istanbul. They are proudly made in collaboration between the host community and refugees to represent the reflection of life in Istanbul. Istanbul is a city where cats and humans hold a special bonding. It is estimated that over 200,000 cats roam every street corner in the city -- they give us a glimpse of dualism that life coexists with something outside (or inside) of self. Probably for this reason, Turkish people are keen to take good care of street cats. 

RefugeeStore jewelry designers have captured this dualism -- the Yin and Yang Way of Life --  by handcrafting it as an imprint on the copper earrings in six colors: silver, crimson, emerald, purple haze, ocean blue, and magenta blue. The artisans said each pair of earrings are hand cut and varnished to weather proof the moisture. So that people can appreciate them for as long as they wish. (One recommendation for care is that they should be kept away from direct contact with water). The Yin Yang Cats Copper Earrings are on display here.