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Hmong Embroidery Purses

RefugeeStore's Hmong Embroidery Purses are one of the handicraft projects we collaborated with Chamaliin, a Bangkok-based NGO whose innovation of handmade goods has a clear purpose to help urban refugees. These refugees are self supporting their own livelihood by exploiting their life-skills inherited from their cultural heritage.

In this collection, a series of handmade hill-tribal accessories with original embroidery are designed and handmade by the Hmong refugees from Vietnam.

Handmade colorful embroidery is a big part of Hmong women's cultural heritage, whose daily life would be spent in sewing dresses and weaving fabric to be used in their household (if they were not working in their farmland back home).

As they are now seeking a new place to call home, the Hmong women spend hours each day continuing to make embroidery products, but this time with a new purpose: to tell their story whilst sustaining the uncertainty through inherited embroidery crafting skill and newly obtained adaptive creativity.