Natural Rattan Wallets Hand-Sewed by Women Working Group in Western Thailand

Hand-Woven Rattan Wallets

These one-slot rattan wallets are hand-woven by a community in Southern Thailand. The rattan peels, which are used to weave the products, are naturally coated with water-resistant emulsion produced by the trees . We retreated them with lacquer to yield the desired colors thereby achieving the intricate weaving patterns. The lacquer applied to the rattan also prolongs the life of the wallets.

 During the outbreak of COVID-19, the Women Weaving Group has been able to provide an income-generation opportunity for hundreds of college students who have been affected by the downturn of local economy which by large heavily relied on tourism. This rattan weaving project allows the students to be able to work from home, the Government's regulation in bid to curb infection rate, whilst earning a living to sustain a livelihood and stay safe.