Oversized T-Shirts Hmong Tribal Embroidery

Oversized Hmong Embroidery T-Shirts

Oversized Hmong Embroidery T-Shirts come in 4 extra - sizes : 2XL 45" ; 3XL 49.5" ; 4XL 53" ; and 5XL 56".

Embroidery front pocket patterns are handmade by Hmong highlanders from the Northern Mountain of Thailand.

The t-shirts are made of 100% cotton. The fully combed cotton collection offers 5 color tones : True Black ; Natural White ; Bluish Grey ; Indigo Royale ; and Crimson Red.

The 32 category cotton collection offers even a wider range of color tones : Sky Blue ; Bright Yellow ; Purple Heart ; CaraMellow Lite Brown ; ChocoLatte Dark Brown ; and Indigo Blue, just to name a few.

Receive these t-shirts in environmental friendly package delivered to your door with full warranty.