Athene Design Handmade Turkish Copper Earrings

These limited editions of handcrafted copper earrings accentuate the inspiration of Athene -- the goddess of wisdom and arts. The earrings come in 7 colors, hand carved and painted by our artisans from Istanbul.






The silver accented background was hand polished from a copper plate to let the metallic copper shine through. They were later vanished to ensure the earrings are weather proof. 









As the production is 100% handmade, the designs and colors of the earrings are unique once the batch is completed. Reproduction of the same design would yield unique details in shades and hues.   









 These earrings make a great gift for individual who seek unique quality jewelry, and personal apparel. Wholesales are available with minimum order requirement. 









Our packaging and shipping ensure the earrings are delivered to the destination safe and secure.










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