Anatolia Copper Earrings
Anatolia Copper Earrings

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Anatolia Copper Earrings Handmade Turkish Design TOC007

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Anatolia Turkish Copper Earrings 

RefugeeStore Copper Artisans in Istanbul designed these earrings by adapting Anatolian Arts into modern Turkish copper earrings. Anatolia is referred to as large peninsula in Western Asia and the westernmost protrusion of the Asian continent, which makes up the majority of modern-day Turkey (Wikipedia, 2021).  Anatolian history and territory had been diverse connecting with and influenced by culture from the pre-historic Mesopotamian Era (10,000 BC), the 2nd century Al Arabia, and the Indo European time. Copper has been one of the metals Anatolians used and learned to master as part of everyday-life tools ranging from cooking utensils, weapons, and jewelries.  


Istanbul copper jeweler, Mr. Ihsan, who has designed and crafted copper jewelry for over 3 decades, offers his life-long experience in handcrafting the Anatolia Earring Collection for RefugeeStore's patrons and admirers. He created the oval shaped earrings with the material used since the prehistorical time of Mesopotamia, tweaking the historic designs found from Sumerian clay tablets, and added his discerned sense of modern-day Anatolia culture, now considered as an overarching part of Turkish culture.

"The wavy leaves of the palm trees in the Arabian Peninsular sometimes warp into the shape of dragon-fly wings". Ihsan said his imagination often flared into chevalier period when mythical animals were fought off by knights shielded with copper armor. Each time Ihsan carved out the copper plate transforming it into a sparkling reflective jewelry, he said he reached a mindful nirvana.

Ihsan and his coppersmiths made Anatolia Copper Earrings by hands. The copper is native from Turkey. The earrings are varnished with natural wax to weather proof from moisture and elements. Mr. Ihsan said these earrings will last for generations as long as they are kept away from direct contact with water.

Product : Handmade Copper Earrings
Shape : Oval
Color : Ocean blue background, black palm tree pattern, indented gold rim
Dimension : 2.5 x 3.5 cm.
Weight : 4 g.

***Packaged with environmental friendly gift-box made from recycled paper, and printed with soy ink. Packing material and the earrings combined amount to approximately 21 g.