Handmade Turkish Copper Earrings Animal Reflective Design Cats and Paws by RefugeeStore
Copper Earrings Animal Reflective Design Cat Profile by RefugeeStore

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Turkish Copper Earring Cats & Paws Collection TEC010

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Cats and Paws Collection, Handmade Turkish Copper Earrings designed by Istanbul coppersmiths dedicate their love for animals with uniquely hand-painted copper jewelry arts. The copper earrings are produced by hands, and hence each pair is unique. Colors and sizes are slightly different due to the omission of large machine. RefugeeStore coppersmiths use small hand tools to delicately trim the copper plate forming the shape of the desired pattern. The handmade copper earrings are varnished to weather proof, and thus minimize moisture damage to the colors and the copper itself (recommended to keep the earrings from direct contact with water).   

Earrings: Handmade Turkish copper designed, drop-style 
Dimension: 2.7 diameter
Weight: 3.1 g.
Shape: Round
Color:  Green background, black feline profile,  indented gold rim
Materials: Hand painted copper